NYC Rug Cleaning

EVERRUG® - Video

Power Cleaning In Action.

Please watch the entire video,(its only 3 min) and see why we are rated #1 in NY.

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- Note!

This demonstration is of an a upholstery cleaning but it is only so that you may see that the new in home " POWER CLEANING" service can be done on both upholstery and rugs alike.
First let us provide you with some intro on how the rug cleaning word so that the power package will make more sense to you, so here goes, normally there are three type of rug cleaning — steam rug cleaning, shampoo cleaning, and deep shampoo, with the exception of organic cleaning. Now they all have different prices and most ask for the shampoo cleaning, the shampoo cleaning starts at about $399 per rug and it goes up from there depending on the rug size and type.

So now that you have the basic knowledge of rug cleaning and its prices, you can compeer them to the power cleaning package, the power cleaning is the shampoo cleaning but at a much lower rate, we are giving this service at $189 per area/item but there is a minimum of 2 areas or items to cleaning, this service is done on the spot and takes anywhere between 1 hour to an hour and a half to complete.

We hope you will all take advantage of this great offer and service it is the most aggressive offer we've introduced. To get this service, simply write "POWER CLEANING" in the form of our contact page, and someone from our sales department will contact you for scheduling.