Antique Rug Cleaning


NY Antique Rug Cleaning, to Keep Your Carpet in Excellent Condition. Most of the time, antique rug cleaning involves removal of embedded dirt, while renewing the aesthetic appeal of your valuable investment pieces and elegant floor coverings. We have been offering high quality rug cleaning services to all our customers at affordable prices. Our clientele includes interior designers, private collectors and many independent organizations.

Our dedication and commitment towards our customers have made us a leading rug cleaning company, specializing in cleaning antique rugs and hand knotted rugs made from wool, cotton and silk. In addition to our basic rug cleaning service, we offer the same level of attention and impeccable services to customers who have vintage carpets from Persia, Turkey, Caucasus and China.

Our Antique Rug Cleaning Process,

We only employ well trained and skilled rug cleaning experts and conservators to make sure your carpets stay in excellent condition. Our experts determine the best processes, and even foresee issues related to delicate fiber, structural weak points and color bleeding. Before cleaning your antique rug, they even consider the size, materials, age, condition, level of soiling and construction techniques.

Most of the time, antique rugs need to be physically dusted to remove stubborn debris and grit trapped deep in your carpet. We use organic cleaning agents to remove soil attached deeply in the natural fibers. This soil and dust can dull the luminous sheen and color. Our rug cleaning experts are properly trained to use modern cleaning techniques and equipment.

If required, we also use oxygen based treatments to remove oxidation which may cause yellow stains in ivory and white rugs. Once we’ve thoroughly cleaned your antique rugs, we use organic cleansing agents with excess water, and keep your rug in a climate controlled dying room. This ensures that even the thickest rugs dry quickly. For many years, we have been the leading rug cleaning company offering our high quality services at affordable prices.